The responsibility of carrying the gold to Mumbai was entrusted with Kanhangad resident and Pak Abdul Rahman's relative Shahnawaz Hamza alias K M Hamza . When Dawood was young, his father police constable Ibrahim Hassan Kaskar knew the then Don Haji Mastan. Radio, tape recorders and watches were also favourites those days. Sivasankar had filed the petition pointing out that the Enforcement Directorate while filing the chargesheet against an IAS officer like him did not seek the prior permission for prosecution from the state government. All Rights Reserved. Subsequently, 700 gold biscuits were seized from a marriage hall in Coimbatore on February 26. There were also reports from central intelligence agencies regarding the threat to their lives. After eight years, the Customs officials received information that the remaining silver bars in the Pakistani ship that capsized, were spotted in Ratnagiri coast. Some are still beyond the reach of law. Kochi: In a decisive move regarding the diplomatic gold smuggling case, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has decided to protect 10 witnesses and keep their identity under wraps as they are likely to face threats over disclosing sensitive information. Many of the smugglers of the yore are not alive today. Any action that help in identifying them have been barred legally. The responsibility of the landing agent was to load the gold consignment in fishing boats, bring it to the shore and then take it to Mumbai in vehicles by road. 3,769 people like this. But in place of the body, what the police got there was 900 gold biscuits weighing 116.5 gm each – total 105 kg gold. The investigations into the seizure of 30 kg gold from Cargo Complex by Customs Preventive wing is continuing and the controversies related to the sensational case have not ended yet. DRI and Customs officials who smelled something fishy in the entire incident, inspected the jeeps several times. Yes Movie "Once Upon A Time In Mumbai" have shown the relationship between Haji Mastan and Dawood Ibrahim was true portrayal of real story.... Popularly known as Sultan Mirza, Haji Mastan was the undisputed ‘Don’ of the underworld. On receiving information about the smuggling operation, the DRI officials sought the help of Coast Guard to intercept the Pakistani ship mid sea. They headed dreaded underworld gangs. Who was Haji Mastan? Haji Mastan and Sona. Go live with Manorama Online App, the number one Malayalam News site on our mobiles and tablets. From Haji Mastan to Dawood Ibrahim, some of the big names of the underworld, carried out gold smuggling through Kerala during that period. Every one of them had their share of fortunes with which they ruled different parts of the city. Born in 1955 to a police constable in Mumbai's Dongri, Ibrahim formed a clan of relatives and friends from his locale, and began engaging in smuggling, robbery, fraud and other petty crimes during his teens, that eventually saw him lock horns with the infamous Haji Mastan. As a result Mongath became a hub of sales of Jeep and other cars for many years. The story does not end there. And we are ashamed of them the name dawood ibrahim is synonymous with mumbai underworld. Moosa told Dossa that the silver bars went missing after the boat capsized. When Haji Mastan, Dawood Ibrahim smuggled gold via Kerala The NIA sought legal backing for providing security to the 10 protected witnesses considering the risks faced by them after disclosing crucial information about the utilisation of money from gold smuggling for anti-national activities. Community See All. From Haji Mastan to Dawood Ibrahim, some of the big names of the underworld, carried out gold smuggling through Kerala during that period. Hundreds of Jeeps arrived there. He was the first underworld don to have married a Bollywood actress. Now smugglers in India have found that diplomatic baggage is the safest route for smuggling gold. Here we will run through some of the stories contained in the Customs and Directorate of Revenue Intelligence dossiers (The secret documents regarding smugglers). © Copyright 2021 Manorama Online. Smuggling has become a business in which anyone can invest his money. During the course of the trial, the DRI officials had to disclose the secret about the smuggler and the informer in the court to make sure the real culprits were brought to justice. Log In. The silver was seized while it was being smuggled abroad in Kalatra Abdul Khader Haji's boat "Ayesha". The investigation team has invoked two rules for ensuring the protection of the witnesses in the gold smuggling case. If gangs smuggled gold biscuits weighing 116.5 gms then, today they bring bars of 1 kg each. It goes without saying that the gold smugglers are ever ready to experiment with new ways of smuggling. Of the persons arrested from the smuggling boat then, nine were Pakistani citizens. Interest. If it is melted and given a different form then it becomes difficult for them to prove that the metal is smuggled gold. As many as 285 silver bars of 35 kg each were seized during the operation. It is unclear if Mastan approved of Dawood's involvement in the 1993 blasts, a series of 13 bombings across Mumbai that led to at least 317 deaths. ... Mandakini and Dawood Ibrahim. However, Dossa did not believe his version. There was a time when silver used to be smuggled to foreign countries from India. Hamza was also the first martyr among Customs informers in the state. Anyone who discloses any information about the protected witnesses in violation of the law, is liable to imprisonment and fine. Haji Mastan Bollywood. Abdul Rahman later came to know that Hamza had betrayed him. These instances do not present even a small picture of the history of smuggling in Kerala. The gold was seized while it was being taken to Mumbai after the consignment landed in Kanhangad coast. A total of 3,200 gold biscuits weighing 372 kg were seized and the price today would have been Rs 175 crore. The prize of the seized silver at that time was Rs 6 crore. The landing agent for the consignment was Kasaragod resident Abdulla who had close links with Dawood Ibrahim and Dossa brothers. Again the officials deployed deep sea divers and retrieved 30 more silver bars.