Louie was adopted from House Rabbit Society last fall. 2020 Rabbit Rescue Stories . Secondary responsibilities may include showing rabbits to potential adopters, taking rabbits to the veterinarian if they get sick, etc. If you have other rabbits in your home, your foster rabbit will need to live separately from them. Rabbits must be housed indoors 100% of the time, in a cage-free environment (playpens ok). Our Rabbits. Call the Foster Home Coordinator 24/7 to determine if a trip to the veterinarian or emergency clinic is in order. They say, "Anytime I'm not scratching his nose just right, he nudges my hand to make sure I'm doing it right! Someone has to care for the rabbits when our long-term foster homes are out of town. These rabbits are not available through House Rabbit Society. The rabbits stayed overnight with the Georgia House Rabbit Society en route. The adult primary caregiver (age 18+) for the foster bunny should complete this Foster Questionnaire. Our primary focus is to save the lives of domestic rabbits through rescue, fostering, and adopting out rabbits who have been dumped at area shelters and are out of time. He's a rambunctious, young rabbit and was adopted in no time! Your main responsibility is to keep the foster rabbits safe, clean and fed, and to socialize them to enhance their adoptability. Fill out our People/Pet Profile to focus your ideas about getting a rabbit. 100% of the proceeds go toward helping our foster rabbits while they are in our care. Each rabbit who comes to House Rabbit Society was transferred from an animal shelter, whether because they were sick or hurt, because they were scared, or because the shelter simply had too many rabbits or too many animals all at once. Indiana House Rabbit Society is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to improving the lives of domestic rabbits in the state of Indiana. Please check out this information from the House Rabbit Society. The House Rabbit Society emergency rescue committee coordinated with many groups, including the Bunderground Railroad to transport these rabbits to safe foster homes. It’s important that you discuss your expectations with the Foster Home Coordinator prior to fostering. The House Rabbit Society is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to rescuing and finding loving homes for abandoned and unwanted rabbits. We are educating the public on the value of rabbits as house pets, supporting current rabbit owners, and rescuing rabbits in need. The goal of fostering is to help your foster rabbit get adopted. House Rabbit Society is able to save their lives together with wonderful people like you who choose to adopt! House Rabbit FAQs. Events. It’s only fair to the rabbits and the foster homes. All veterinary expenses will be covered or reimbursed by Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation apart from the exceptions stipulated in the Foster Home Contract (if the rabbit is injured due to negligence). We have needs for foster care providers at all levels. Shop at Bunny General℠ and help foster rabbits with each purchase. Learn (just about) everything you need to know about living with a rabbit in this short video series! If someone would like to adopt your foster bunny, we will contact you to have you bring them back early, and you can choose if you’d like to foster another rabbit. We supply an exercise pen or baby gate if needed, a litter box, vinegar for cleaning, water crock, initial litter, hay, pelleted food, toys, tarp and floor sheet. This questionnaire is for fostering with our SF Bay Area (Richmond, CA) headquarters location. Must be able to provide HRS foster rabbit at least 30 hours a week out of a cage. Your main responsibility is to keep the foster rabbits safe, clean and fed, and to socialize them to enhance their adoptability. Must be able to house and exercise HRS foster rabbit separated from personal rabbits. Indiana House Rabbit Society Rabbits are: Rescued from shelters or abandoned strays rescued from certain death Screened by a veterinarian at the time of rescue and treated for any illness Spayed or neutered prior to placement A Chapter Of The House Rabbit Society. If someone would like to adopt your foster bunny, we will contact you to have you bring them back early, and you can choose if you’d like to foster another rabbit. Lowcountry House Rabbit Society We are a non-profit rabbit rescue organization based here in the Charleston, SC area. Much depends on the effort you put into socializing and house-training your foster rabbits and whether or not you bring them to our adoption venue. Time-to-adoption is not always predictable, although some types of rabbit are more in demand than others. At 4 months, you can exchange your foster bunny for a new one, so your first foster will get more promotion back at House Rabbit Society. The primary caregiver of the foster rabbit must be an adult. Donationsare tax deductible and greatly appreciated Foster rabbits are spayed or neutered and any health concerns are addressed. Please also read our care information. Step #2: Learn about Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus. Furry Friends In Need. Washington State Chapter. Services. Contact any of our chapters or foster homes, below, for information about adopting. Daphne came into foster care back in the spring of 2019 and was chosen to be the partner for multiple rabbits. Please support us in our goals of rescue, adoption, and education. If you have other rabbits in your home, your foster rabbit will need to live separately from them. But we ask for at least two weeks’ notice if you can no longer foster, in order to give us time to find a new foster home. You’re sure … Looking to foster in other areas? August, 14, 2020 Success! Please read about how to protect your foster rabbit against Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV). No homes with predators, and no visitors with the same. We may provide other supplies and initial greens. Fosters will need to: Step #3: Complete this Foster Questionnaire. Welcome to the House Rabbit Society . Check out other HRS Chapters or Petfinder.com for a shelter/rescue near you with rabbits. Therefore, to foster a rabbit, you must first fill out an Adoption Application. We can have anywhere between 12 to 50 rabbits in foster care at any given time. More. We provide Adoption, Behavior, Care, and Educational information about your companion rabbit. Learn. The primary caregiver of the foster rabbit must be an adult. These two snuggle buns are looking for a temporary home while their '90s-sitcom-loving owner is called overseas for active military service. Your foster rabbit must live inside the home with you (no backyard hutches) and have no outside playtime, due to the emergence of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus in California. #1: Watch the Rabbit 101 Video Playlist below#2: Learn about Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus below#3: Complete our Foster Questionnaire below. We are an all volunteer non-profit fostering organization founded in 1991. We wouldn’t want anyone to foster who doesn’t meet the same high standards we have for our adopters. WINTER 2020: Our foster program is coordinated remotely, with curbside pickup at House Rabbit Society. Attention fosters! For 25 years, San Diego House Rabbit Society has supported our community through education about responsible rabbit care, spay/neuter, and adoption. We began our rescue work in 1989. Ultimately, it’s your decision how long you wish to foster. We also assist area shelters with fostering needs, socializing rabbits and providing volunteer support for rabbit programs. Get Involved. To take in adoptable abandoned rabbits, provide foster care, have them spayed or neutered and find quality, indoor homes for them while also educating the public and other organizations about rabbit care. Home. Rabbits that would otherwise be euthanized at area shelters due to a lack of space, health or behavioral concerns are rescued and placed in an WHRS foster home. Bunny Expert (Indiana House Rabbit Society Educator): This volunteer position is a formal opportunity to become a licensed Educator through House Rabbit Society, an International rabbit education and rescue organization (www.rabbit.org).A Bunny Guide volunteering … He has done sleepovers with his male and female rabbit friends and had them over for a week or two at a time while their ‘parents’ were on vacation. I’m in Richmond, VA but will travel to pick up a bunny I can foster. Please follow the Petfinder link below to see all of our available foster rabbits. I … 1-month foster: Together we schedule a return date for the bunny at the time of taking home your foster. Alabama Rabbit Rescue is a non-profit organization that wants to spread the message of hope across Alabama. Pets in the Classroom... Aug 14, 2020 . If housing adoptable rabbits, must be able to bring foster rabbit to bunny matches once a month, or make arrangements to get them to match if fosterer can’t make it. We help abandoned domestic rabbits by promoting spay and neuter, providing education on care, volunteering in shelters and humane societies, and fostering and rehabilitating rescued rabbits. About. As a fosterer, you may decide to adopt your rabbits later on. We also aim to educate the public on issues of rabbit care and behavior. We have a few of the rabbits in need of adoption or a foster home pictured below, and some successful adoption stories. adoptable foster rabbits. Meet our rabbits! Please watch this short video series before completing the Foster Questionnaire. 100% of donations we collect from GoFundMe go directly to the cost foster care and continuance of our mission of helping rabbits in Indiana. Of course, we would like to help by taking rabbits; so we are sending this out to rally the troops to see if we can find some new foster homes to help us help the rabbits. I have a 6-yr old house rabbit (holland lop) with a 10′ x 13′ bedroom. Claude, who was originally destined for the Alexandria Animal Welfare League, was ill when he arrived. Foster homes are encouraged to purchase greens on a go-forward basis unless this becomes a financial hardship. The House Rabbit Society of Chicago is an all volunteer, non profit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of domesticated house rabbits in need. It isn’t fair for foster homes to pay for boarding or a sitter, so we have a need for regular short-term living arrangements for our rabbits. Yes. The more foster care providers we have, the more rabbits we can help. As we all know, dating was more difficult in 2020, even for rabbits, but Daphne got a second chance at love. Absolutely. Additional care stipulations are outlined in the Foster Contract. For the remainder of 2020 we will be meeting at the Lakeside Nature Center Lodge, located at 7310 Oakwood Drive, Kansas City, MO 64132. We are the first and oldest house rabbit rescue in IL (including the Chicagoland area, and most surrounding states).