Remember that you want to start and finish your event with a good impression on your guests. Creating a perfect match of food and drink and training your staff to know these recommendations inside and out lets customers know you value quality, taste, and a love of food at your restaurant. If your event isn’t ticketed, make sure to cross off names on your attendance sheet as they enter the restaurant. Sweeten the deal by putting the featured cocktail on special. In fact, hosting a networking event for all types of staff at your restaurant is a great way to meet potential candidates. Why Events Matter. Plus, a good drink always makes the mood better, keeps them busy while you’re setting up, and will get your guests talking to each other in no time. Either way, don’t forget your camera! Call it the “Summer Bar Games” event. Here are five steps to make sure you host your next restaurant event like a pro, and turn it into a success: 1. 1. Many areas will hold local events and your restaurant needs to be front and center. 1. A perfect combo for … Hosting a fun, experiential event is proven to drive loyalty – especially with millennials. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(752063, '1b8998a2-ce9c-4dbb-a5ce-fda0c9314ab4', {}); Your event is coming to an end, your guests are leaving, they’ve had a good time, and had plenty to eat and drink. Open mic comedy night. Have your servers ready with welcome drinks to help ease your guests in. As host you’ve got to tackle one last hurdle and that’s making sure the evening lives up to the hype. After all, you want the event to reflect on all the hard work that’s gone into making it happen. Another entertaining variation? To keep it interesting, share facts about the cocktail. Tell the manager everything. First, it lets people know you can handle events so you remain on their radar when they need another event. Restaurant week is a good time to find a local tourist organization, hotel or chamber of commerce to co-host a special event. Hospitality staff, Actionable Insights to Help You Deliver Exceptional Experiences Everyday. It’s also likely that a few of your employees would love the chance to work the crowd – and rock the mic…. Just like live trivia, don’t think you need an outside company to host a murder mystery theater at your bar or restaurant. You could create fun themes. Scoring is automatic and instant. Or, combine both food and booze: have your chef partner with a brew master or winemaker to create a “beer and bites” or “bottles and bites” pairing menu. Instead, host an open mic night as one of your 2019 social events. If something goes wrong, you need to be there to help and resolve the problem. Get Typsy trained now! Plus, it won’t cost a fortune and can be edited later. Question: I was approached by a cool taco cart chef who wants to do a pop-up in my full-service brick-and-mortar. With the Buzztime live trivia system, you get everything you need to host live trivia – anytime you want. Plan ahead. I think it can bring in some new people, but I’m not sure how to structure it financially. Leave all the cleaning and closing up until the last guest has gone—your guests won’t feel like they’re in the way and vice versa. Bring ‘em out from the kitchen to host 2019 social events like mini chef demos. Remember that your guests come to your restaurant for may reasons - from the food, to the drinks, to the atmosphere, to the friendly staff. You can use this concept to inspire your events. Don’t worry: your guests won’t stop coming in just because you share a few hacks and tips. As the host, it’s courtesy to farewell your guests and thank them for attending your event. Hosting a charitable event offers so many benefits. Invite guests to tell their best joke and let the crowd vote for the ultimate joker. The saying goes that "even the best-laid plans go astray," but that doesn't have to be the case for planning events at your restaurant. Say “word up” to entertaining 2019 social events. You could also do 2019 social events centered on beer, wine, or even whiskey. Supper clubs and pop-up restaurants are trending – just ask your nearest hipster. Live trivia night is a must when planning 2019 social events. Here are five steps to make sure you host your next restaurant event like a pro, and turn it into a success: hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(752063, '8aae9035-073b-4f43-a366-88d4244ec139', {}); Before your guests arrive, you need to make sure everything is ready. Have your best bartenders prepare to dazzle crowds with flying bottles or flaming drinks. Related: How to market a local business through strategic collaboration Back to top. Create a VIP club where members get 10% off their orders. Perfect for bars or restaurants, guided tastings give customers a little food for thought. Host a “joke off” event. Your guests have started arriving, instead of stressing take control. “Even more importantly, many of the people who attend the events come back to the tavern for meals and will come to other customer loyalty events we host,” says tavern co-owner Eugene Brennan. You can promote the event traditionally … Send in your inquiries to [email protected] or whatsapp us at +65 9182 3383 and our events team will get in touch with you. Initiate contact with the key players and build a positive relationship with them; then ask if you can host a party at their restaurant or bar. If your restaurant has stayed open during the current crisis, you’ve likely had to adjust operations to include pick-up and even delivery. Your staff deserve to be rewarded and acknowledged for their work. A great way to get exposure in the community is to offer to host one of their events at your restaurant. MktoForms2.loadForm("//", "519-YNM-008", 1263, function(form) {form.onSuccess(function(vals,followUpUrl) {dataLayer.push({'event': 'subscribe_conversion'})})}); We use cookies to offer you a better experience, analyze site traffic, and serve targeted advertisements. To learn more about Buzz Time, visit their website. But don’t shell out hundreds on an outside host. Treating your most loyal customers like VIPs will ensure they come back time and time again. However, I honestly believe any restaurant can host events. If you specialize in craft beer, host a paint-your-pint night and call it “Arts and Crafts” night. If you are using tables and chairs, then make sure they are set up as planned. Joining your local chamber of commerce gives you valuable access to the local community and the opportunity to host events and parties for members. Culinary schools host events like these, as do restaurant organizations, and even restaurants themselves. Your staff can judge the event, or require guests to do a cat walk in costume and again, let applause crown the champion. Know your table numbers! Around Valentine’s Day, ask performers to use the word “beer” instead of “love” in songs (what the world needs now, is beer…sweet beer). It’s ok to be judgmental – at least when it comes to these social events. Expect plenty of laughter as people try to spell words out loud. So, have no fear, you can host live trivia yourself. Feel free to put your own spin on it and create your own traditions, but incorporate some of the authenticity that makes it one of the most popular and boisterous events of the year. Customer service is top notch and the food is amazing. Instead of submitting answers by pen and paper, guests use handheld tablets. Be polite to your guests on their way out—if you want to show them a bit more love, you can organize some goodie bags or a small gift they can take home to remember your event. Ok, so you might want to co-host these 2019 social events with an instructor. Whether it’s wine, beer, or mini cocktails, people love a drink sampler. Have a list of all the items that are needed for your event to take place and … That includes access to over 100,000 trivia questions updated daily. Start your Typsy hospitality training today with our Table service fundamentals course. It also helps when organizing food orders – if five of your guests haven’t turned up then you don’t need your chef to cook up five dishes. When you hold events of your own, you increase your marketing reach. And over 2,700 bars and restaurants are doing just that. Send out a dedicated email to announce the event. Trusted by thousands of bars and restaurants in North America since 1984, Buzztime integrates trivia, card, sports games and live events with innovative tablet technology. You could even create an event hashtag, setup a photo booth, or add a backdrop. Subscribe today to get best practices, industry, pro tips and how-to education content delivered right to your inbox. Here are my top 10 do’s and don’ts on how to spend your event budget to create maximum impact with minimum headaches. Provide pint glasses and special paint that won’t wash off (you can find it at a craft store). | @district10sg # district10sg All of this is good content that can be used to promote your business. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(752063, 'e32a9a3a-004a-4712-9773-3ad4292e9df1', {}); Don’t expect your guests to know where things are around your restaurant, especially when the event starts to get busy. Don’t forget to have a quick de-brief with your team and congratulate them on all their help throughout the event. Guest footage can then be used live across your social media channels, or for later. 13. Start by placing appropriate signs around your restaurant that state clearly where specific areas are such as the toilets, cloak rooms, parking, exits and smoking areas. How to host a live event at your restaurant 5 Min Read 8.16.2017 Finance & Law How Live Screening Events Improve Customer Engagement and Increase Restaurant Sales Each week, a different bartender can host a short “cocktail class” or “tales of the cocktail” during happy hour. Serve flights to customers, then explain the tasting notes in each pour. If you really want to capture amazing footage, it doesn’t hurt to hire a professional photographer or videographer. Trivia games are popular everywhere from neighborhood restaurants to sports bars. Once a month, host a VIP only event with live music and new menu items for your loyal customers to … If your event is ticketed, make sure guests present their ticket – you don’t want surprise guests arriving and take someone else’s place. Restaurants, Copyright © Typsy 2019   All rights reserved, How to be an awesome host at your next restaurant event. Don’t treat events like an afterthought. Have an outdoor patio? You don’t want it to turn into a disaster because of a missing chair or table. Let the crowd's applause determine the winner. Being a live music venue with a restaurant and bar, The Chapel is already equipped with a stage, staff, contacts, and an in-house food and beverage component. Publicize your … If it’s an upscale restaurant, they may refer you to the venue’s event planner. Your Favorite Restaurant or Bar Another great option is to host your engagement party at your favorite restaurant or bar. Serve flights to customers, then explain the tasting notes in each pour. However, your staff or guests can actively participate by running another judged contest for the best painting (or maybe the worst if your crowd has a good sense of humor?). Promote the event with posters and flyers in your restaurant. In addition to live trivia, these games give guests a chance to bond over fun and little friendly competition. After each guest has been ticked off, why not treat them to a drink? Diners love going to restaurants to dine out if there are attractive events! Your team has talent. Good luck on hosting your next event! Your team is ready, the plan is set, and the guest list indicates it’ll be a success. This is for the events that you are planning. Make sure that during your prep you haven’t hidden signs behind promotional material, keep it simple for guests to navigate through your venue and event. According to Accenture research, 57% of millennials are more loyal to businesses that provide exclusive events (and they’re willing to spend more to attend, too). Otherwise whip out your phone and take some snaps in real time. It gives the charity a convenient location to host an event and creates exposure for your restaurant. Most phones now capture high quality footage, and it’s not uncommon to use phone footage for social media and other online platforms. If your restaurant or bar concept is fitting for the event, consider hosting one of your own. Here are the 5 steps of hosting an event or a private party at your restaurant. Outline a rough agenda of what will be happening during the event and mention any other house rules that guests should be aware of. “Being able to have year-round events in your venue keeps the doors open and the lights on when your core business is otherwise quiet.” Use what you have and use it well. Once you have decided to host regular events at your restaurant, it is important to effectively publicize them. Prepare the venue. When all the buzz after the event has passed, you can even treat your staff –maybe for team drinks, or a fun day out. It could be secrets to perfect pasta, or how to properly cook a steak. Next, make sure that any electrical equipment such as speakers, microphones and TV screens are plugged in, switched on and have power. Read on for our top bar event ideas in 2018 and beyond. You could also host 2019 social events centered on popular (not safe for work) games like Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme? While we don’t take ourselves too seriously, this is pretty serious business. Host an event where you give the people what they want and offer one-night-only samplers. Before your guests arrive, you need to make sure everything is ready. Ensure you’re there to oversee it all, and help guests enjoy themselves. You need to have a clear understanding of different types of event ideas for restaurants to know what kind of events you can host at your restaurant and the things to remember while organizing them. Your chef deserves the spotlight. Step 1: Know Your Space In order for the customer to visualize the event taking place at your venue, you need to know the space like the back of your hand. Photos and videos can be used for your venue website, across social media and other marketing material such as posters and advertisements. Owners can volunteer their restaurants for socializing after a charity walk or marathon, host outdoor events during good weather or work out dual-hosting credits with local suppliers, charities, bakeries or farms. To be savvier and create more fun among your guests, encourage them to take photos. Here’s an example to inspire you:  August 25th is Whiskey Sour Day. If your chamber of commerce is anything like ours, they are meeting several times a week throughout the whole month for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This helps you keep track of who’s there and who isn’t. Invite a notable member of the industry to speak, or just make it a simple wine and cheese networking mixer. Put it on your website. To make you even more confident in your ability to succeed, check out the following list of 6 tips on how to be a successful restaurant hostess! Host Charitable Events at Your Restaurant. Tasting Event. Remember to take some happy snaps and footage of your event, it will be great for the memories, but also for marketing purposes later. If you source food from a local farm, bring in the farmer to host 2019 social events alongside your chef. Set up classic backyard games like flip cup, beer pong, and corn hole. 13. Now more than ever, people are curious about where their food comes from. You’ve been asked to host an event at your restaurant, you’ve planned everything, and it’s taken you weeks. It will also make new customers want what they have. By continuing to use the website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. From pop-up dinners to guided tastings, it’s anything but dinner as usual in 2019. Here are the four most common objections I hear: Our space is “too small.” The size of your space shouldn’t deter you from offering some variation of a private dining and events business. Have a repeat customer strategy in place by offering a … Integrating local events into your restaurant's marketing plan is pretty much mandatory when it comes to getting clients throughout the year, especially if your business is in a very high-traffic area.It is a task that requires us to be aware of all the local happenings, conduct public relations, create strategic partnerships, and sell our products creatively. Here’s how to get into the action: This way, people can get whatever food and drinks they want and it can be a super casual, comfortable time where guests come and go as they please. Answer: Yes. Plan. Emceeing the event gives you a chance to banter with the crowd between sets. Join the chamber of commerce. You’re probably ready for a well-earned break.Sadly that ‘me’ time will have to wait. Here’s the thing about live music. Read tips to host summer events. How to boost your cafe's profile with an Instagram event, 5 theme night ideas to try at your next restaurant event, Talking events planning  with Georgie Kay of Georgeous, Topics: Horse racing is always a winner with guests. As a hostess, you'll need to know the order of the tables in your restaurant so that you can seat your guests as quickly as possible. So, show it off with one of these 2019 social events. Bring everyone together over a little friendly competition. Question: Can I really host live trivia myself? Everyone loves an excuse to dress up: whether it’s for Halloween or a Kentucky Derby watch party. Some towns hold specialist cocktail weeks and similar. Last but not least on this list of 2019 social events are games for grownups. Place staff members on the doors who can help you register arrivals. How about a New Beer’s Eve event on April 5th to celebrate the end of prohibition? Guests can dress up in Great Gatsby themed clothes. Plan your events with us today! “I host corporate events at Woodbine all the time. Use this guide to running a mystery theater event. Have a social media strategy in place for the day-of by promoting opportunities within the four walls of the restaurant for guests to check-in, use hash-tags, and encourage photo and video usage. There are dozens of other obscure holidays to guide your 2019 social events. Sharpie also makes permanent paint pens. You could also ask everyone to give their best definition of what the word means. This way you can focus on running your event and feel assured that you’re getting quality content. During the event, it’s also important to hang around and check up on your guests. During these events, the tavern has a 30 percent increase in food and beverage sales. But it’s not quite over yet, there are a few things to do before wrapping up. 1. The event is taking place in your restaurant so the safety of everyone attending is in your hands. A host needs to understand the same intricacies of your menu, kitchen, and dining room traffic as every other employee — possibly more.