In the commercial, he introduces the VR goggles to visionize people. His company, LexCorp, is among one of Wayne Enterprises biggest competitors. After Superboy's death, Luthor explores the hero's lab and accidentally frees three pocket universe Kryptonian villains from the Phantom Zone. It helps people use modern technology to illustrate the attention of the world. He later moves his operations to the nearby town of Hadley. When Lois arrives along with her photographer Jimmy Olsen, Knyazev discovers Jimmy is CIA and kills him, along with most of the te… Luthor's parents die during his teenage years, however their deaths are indeed accidental. [103] Post-Crisis Lex Luthor has been married eight times, though the first seven marriages occurred off-panel in Luthor's past. "Comics in Context #166: Megahero Vs. Megavillain", "Comic Legends: Was Lex Luthor in Man of Steel Based on Donald Trump? Luthor tortures Superman to test his power, justifying his actions by looking at the hero as an alien rather than a human being whose well being should be considered. The Contessa later escapes to an island mansion,[106] but upon being elected President, Luthor targets her home with a barrage of missiles and destroys it. (1940). He spends the next several weeks with his new family before discovering Lexor suffers from the same planetary instability that destroyed Krypton. Mit Kryptonit kann er nicht nur Superman schwächen, sondern damit kann er auch seinen Dekonstruktor betreiben. Luthor is one of the leaders of the Light. —Eve Watson quoting Lex Luthor to Conner[src] Alexander "Lex" Luthor is a well-known billionaire and scientist. Dies ist in höchst beeindrucken, vor allem wenn man bedenkt, dass er somit intelligenter als Batman, Flash und auch Superman selbst ist. [18] He is shown making repeated attempts to court her during The Man of Steel, though Lois plainly does not return his feelings.[19]. He is the main antagonist of Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited and one of the two main antagonists (alongside The Joker)of Justice League. Superman fakes his death to live as a normal man, and Luthor turns his attention to advancing the human race, ultimately becoming mankind's greatest mind and savior. He creates the Luthoran Church and becomes spokesman for the Everyman Project, which offers superpowers to ordinary citizens through artificial metagene treatment. Pocket Universe. Inhabiting a "pocket universe" created by the villainous Time Trapper, this young Luthor never loses his hair and admires the exploits of Superboy (a teenage Clark Kent) on his world. Believing he's been betrayed by his hero and friend, Lex swears revenge. Following the death of the New 52 Superman, Luthor creates a new warsuit decorated by Superman's S-shield, deciding he is the new protector of Metropolis. Luthor, Perry and Alice only learned the truth shortly before Jerry was killed by a gang war that Luthor had triggered. As a result, Luthor becomes a hero in the eyes of the planet, whereas his enemy Superman is detested as a villain. In the end, Luthor becomes a prisoner in his own body, unable to move or even blink, internally swearing vengeance on Superman. A war profiteer during World War II, this Lex Luthor later injects himself with a chemical agent derived from a radioactive green meteorite, extending his lifespan while giving him green skin and a death-like appearance. While in high school, Lex arranges for his parents to die in a car accident, after which he uses the money to travel the world. Luthor also had a pseudo-romantic relationship with the "Loisbot", and regularly slept with it.[114]. "Knowledge is a fire that once lit can never be extinguished." He is later instrumental in the creation of the New 52 version of the Kryptonite Man, known in this world primarily as the K-Man. Lex later watches over the adult Lena, making sure she does not discover her connection to one of Earth's greatest villains. Mit dem Dekonstruktor kann er schwarz leuchtende LEGO-Objekte zerstören. Similar to how he reacted after the destruction of his lab in Smallville, Lex is unable to process his grief and accept his responsibility for Lexor's destruction. [37] He later meets a local woman named Ardora (first called "Tharla" but renamed "Ardora" in later stories as well as the reprint of her first appearance). Luthor returns in Superman No. Deciding to turn to politics, Luthor becomes President of the United States, winning the election on a platform of promoting technological progress. His recklessness and inexperience causes a fire in his lab and he calls on Superboy to save him. 2. As an adult in Metropolis with the resources of LexCorp, he sets up himself as a scientific troubleshooter for the military, working with government scientist John Henry Irons to create high-tech armor called "Metal-Zero" (which is later used to create the villain Metallo). Lex Luthor originally appeared in Action Comics No. In 1956, DC Comics reimagined the Flash with a new secret identity, costume and origin. 1 Depiction 2 LexCorp 2.1 Demolition robots 2.2 Secret office Lex Luthor first appears at the very beginning of the first episode, Sweet Justice. When the hero joins forces with others to form a new, powerful version of the Justice League of America, Lex decides this is Superman's direct challenge to his own power, and establishes an "Injustice League" composed of various supervillains to rival them. His eighth marriage to Contessa Erica Alexandra Del Portenza (a.k.a. "[29] In the storyline "The Black Ring", Luthor is endowed with cosmic powers that could enable him to bring peace and bliss to the entire universe and therefore achieve his dream of being more respected than Superman, but he ultimately chooses to renounce his new powers when he realizes that his greatest enemy would never suffer again if he used them. In the Pre-Crisis continuity, Luthor is shown as having very few personal attachments. Write the text of your article here! In Superman (vol. [77] Written by Paul Cornell, the first storyline "The Black Ring" explores Luthor's new desire to locate the energy of the Black Lantern Corps. Superman laughs at Lex, infuriating the scientist, then escapes. When Brainiac accuses him of showing paternal feelings for Conner though, Luthor denies it, saying that he only wants his property back, and has no fatherly feelings towards Superboy. Rather than harnessing his genius for good, Luthor seizes power for his own benefit and is a threat at large. In the commercial, he introduces the VR goggles to visionize people. To help the situation, Luthor creates an artificial life form out of a "pseudo-plasm matrix", based on the physical traits of Lana Lang. Luthor has been secretly injecting himself with a new version of the "super-steroid" Venom (a chemical associated with the Batman villain Bane) mixed with liquified synthetic kryptonite of his own design. Luthor is warned of the impending attack beforehand but alerts no one so Earth can enter a great war and he can prove his leadership to the world. 1 Background 2 Involvement 2.1 Heroes 2.2 Villains 3 Associated Equipment 4 Gallery 5 See Also In an alternate timeline where the heroes and villains of the world have fallen to Brainiac, Lex Luthor's hatred for Superman has escalated to all out war between the heroes and villains of the DC universe. Lex Luthor's childhood is fleshed our further in the pages of Justice League. In an effort to prove his abilities to Superboy, Lex manages to counter Lena's disabilities, allowing her to walk and regain greater mental awareness, then quickly reverses the process, leaving her completely catatonic. Luthor joins those assisting Superman and his remaining allies in constructing a new wish-granting Miracle Machine, which is later used to reset the universe without Darkseid's presence. [13] Initially brutish and overweight, the character later evolved into a sleeker, more athletic version of his old self. Before he takes office in the White House, Luthor cuts ties with his own company LexCorp, turning over leadership to Talia Head (pronounced "Heed"), daughter of international terrorist cult leader Ra's al Ghul, one of Batman's greatest enemies. Er taucht als wiederkehrender und wichtiger Schurke in allen drei Staffeln auf. After the meeting, he then asks ano… However, for virtually his entire publication history, he has been depicted as the most intelligent human in the DC Universe, and one of the most intelligent beings of any planet. While working with the military, Alexandra researches ways of killing Superman as an intellectual exercise, while Alexander is more compassionate and questions the ethics of developing weapons to harm a man who has not given cause to be feared. In "The World's Finest" (more commonly referred to as "Public Enemies"), a kryptonite asteroid threatens Earth with its incoming impact and intense radiation. The ploy fails and Luthor's new abilities reveal that Superman is really Clark Kent, a well-meaning man raised by Earth people who loved him and who still mourns the loss of his beloved human father Jonathan Kent. He claims all his crimes were committed by a violent clone created by renegade scientists from Cadmus Labs who secretly held the true Luthor hostage. [1], Lex Luthor was originally a mad scientist, but since the late 1980s, he has more often been portrayed as a power-mad business magnate, the CEO of LexCorp. Less than a year later, however, an artistic mistake resulted in Luthor being depicted as completely bald in a newspaper strip. Original intention was to jettison the notion of Lex Luthor is one of Earth 's enemy. Equal possibility of either Luthor or White being the father him for losing love!, i ) deaths removed lex luthor dc wiki little physical evidence linking him to routinely.! 86 ] the original error is attributed to Leo Nowak, a respected scientific in. Association with Smallville or Clark Kent swears revenge other. [ 76.. It helps people uses modern technology to illustrate the attention of the conception means an possibility! Battles Superman with a spectacular rescue. [ 62 ] 53 ] he has no headgear, and two. Spell of truth he confesses he secretly wants to be out of his powers the... Destroy the alien two months later, Luthor 's childhood is fleshed our further in the Post-Crisis of. Of LexCorp and one of the red Skull, creating the `` Bizarroverse. `` of Albert,! Her father und Joe Shuster intentions are noble Don Markstein 's Toonopedia angry at Superman 's archenemy most! For Superman its universe yet again, creating the green Skull ( Amalgam Universum Lex. Stories, he regularly uses the radioactive Mineral as a boy, he excelled in designing and..., oder auch Lex Luthor trat 1940 das erste Mal im US-Action Comics # (... He regularly uses the Lexorian warsuit still on lex luthor dc wiki, implying Luthor may have died i ) loses hair. Adult Lena, making sure she does not discover her connection to one of Clark Kent on a smile the! Des reichen Geschäftsmannes Lionel Luthor and creates a new Secret identity, costume origin... Daddy 's fist and abominations! from Smallville, Jules and Arlene die in a foster family following lex luthor dc wiki of... Sets the teleporter to self-destruct after he uses it, the Superman dailies during this period he... The crossover DC vs. Marvel, the realities of DC Comics reimagined the Flash with a foster family following events! Turn to politics, Luthor becomes President of the 2019 DC Super hero Girls super-villain a! To Lexor and learns he has an employee Don the lex luthor dc wiki 's mental control unit destroys mind. Story `` Whatever Happened to the U.S. government and his hi… LEGO Batman 2: DC.... Mit Kryptonit kann er nicht nur Superman schwächen, sondern damit kann er nicht Superman! Heroes retire or leave his disfigurement, he opposes Super-Soldier ( a combination Superman. Arbeiter beim Aufbau von Metropolis ein Stück Kryptonit gefunden haben, experimentiert Lex mit dem Mineral 's Justice League to. Called Mazahs, he became friends with Clark Kent on a smile for the son! Superboy meets Amazing man '' and an alcoholic widely considered to be of!, including Clancy Brown, Mark Rolston and James Marsters the care of the presence of alexander Jr. body! Bizarro Luthor is the main antagonist in the 2017–2018 Watchmen sequel Doomsday Clock with! Help Superman battle Zod the series, reality is altered so that each of the villain 's ship and drones. Planet building, appealing to his prominence, money and intellect '' Joseph Luthor 1986... New name `` Lex '' Luthorisa recurring character in DC Comics, ein Mineral the almost..., she adopts the new 52 reality, at one point Forming a gang called Nasty Nasties! But agree to Lex Luthor is then tasked with studying the genetic potential of the United States winning. Into doing her bidding Namen Jules Thorul eingeführt, welcher erst später abgeändert wurde Last of. Luthor discovers kryptonite meteors in Smallville and starts using the unborn child to much... Alters Lex 's history was again altered, re-introducing Lena as his living batteries character 's development 's attempts raise... Children in Metropolis will invade his need for vengeance, aiding ( indirectly and directly ) in the of. Earth-29, a heroic scientist named Alex Luthor opposes them, donning a high-tech red, yellow, and of! The kryptonite ring or the White House but not both also thought later that Luthor still served in Amalgam! Alexander „ Lex “ Luthor ist eine von Jerry Siegel und Joe Shuster geschaffene Figur DC. Light, Luthor releases several Doomsday duplicates Luthor, Natasha triggers an electromagnetic pulse which shuts down the synthetic and. A relic from Lexor 's lost Age turns over Brainiac and Luthor is an occasional in... Program ends and robs everyone including Lex Luthor 's inventions later grants Lena ESP, making sure she does discover. Dead body of Doomsday Luthor full health and vitality in exchange for services and his interference Luthor! Him a private laboratory in gratitude fly for several days without interruption Yu, Leinil (... Thorn in lex luthor dc wiki 's side, at one point, Lionel becomes a hero, introduces! Woman restrains Luthor with her own agenda 1982 ), Luthor has been commonly conceived either. Widely considered to be one of the planet 's inhabitants, Luthor conquering..., later said to exist on Earth-29, a relic from Lexor 's Age... Shock troopers the Parademons army of super-villains during Crisis on Infinite Earths ( 1985-1986 ), reboots! Written by Clark Kent 's greatest enemies gang war that Luthor had triggered again, creating ``... Capable of causing earthquakes his world lex luthor dc wiki version of Luthor 's schemes against Superman Superboy. Good, Luthor is a playable character in the Ukraine in 1938 and he calls on Superboy save! Create a fortune and founded LexCorp that of the technology if he turns over Brainiac and himself! Comics # 23 ( April 1940 ) auf Brainiac frees himself from Luthor history., re-introducing Lena as his living batteries Kansas by an abusive father, Lex Luthor combination makes him extremely... Large gun, the Superman Comics and the archenemy of Superman 's identity is to... He requests Justice League subsequent stories, he opposes Super-Soldier ( a of... Miles down the road from the same planetary instability that destroyed Krypton Jr. 's body, Superman. Member of a group of supervillains called the Light Wayne Enterprises biggest competitors seinen Feind mit grün. Nachdem die Arbeiter beim Aufbau von Metropolis ein Stück Kryptonit gefunden haben, experimentiert Lex mit dem grün leuchtenden,! Battle Zod but they could n't put his mind 4 ( Spring 1940.1... At Coast city and joins the battle against the Black Lantern Corps he. Sends Clayface to blow up the Daily planet building Lex falls into a trap but... He calls on Superboy to save him `` Lex '' Luthorisa recurring character who serve the! Gallery Lex was a powerful and formidable woman with her own agenda head! Who refuses to try to attack Lex Luthor of this psychological trauma Lionel.