I wish now I’d camped somewhere up Glen Dessarry because my pitch at Strathan soon became midge hell. Last year when I walked the trail I kept a pretty good pace, and my experience on recent trips showed me that 5 km/h is a reasonable pace for me. Beim Zusammenpacken fängt es bereits an. Towards the end of the loch a friendly crofter gave me a lift to Locheilside rail station on the other side of the loch and from there I finished the journey to Glenfinnan on the train. I first heard about the Cape Wrath Ultra in 2015 but couldn’t take part in the 2016 race as I was already committed to another event. Much of the time there is no path. I was initially confused by this pass because I had been expecting to see a lochan at the bottom of it. A little below here the path heads steeply down to Glen Shiel and the main road to Shiel Bridge. Then I thought: if I could follow the river to Lochan nam Breac, further up the glen, I could pick up the ‘defined’ path from there without all the hassle of having to go up the side of the glen. Yet the outdoor shop bloke said he’d walked north east up the Caledonian Canal before turning left and north somewhere or other. The craggy tops and smooth rock faces enclosing the loch now looked interesting rather than forbidding and I began to see why B&H recommended the site as a fine place to wild camp. It’s a very rough pass, furrowed by shallow gullies and strewn with boulders towards the top. B&H recommend you skirt around the edge of the woodland en route to the pass but, having already missed that path at Upper Glendessarry, I decided to go through the forest on wide tracks and paths which ultimately join up with the ‘official’ path. Dafür gibt es abends ein trockenes Dach über dem Kopf. But, for now, Shiel Bridge was important because of several outstanding attractions – showers at the campsite and a shop at the nearby filling station where I restocked with food for the next leg. Viel mehr ist es ein Netzwerk an einander gereihten Wanderstrecken (durch teils wegloses Gelände) mit vielen Alternativrouten, die dich über 370 km durch die nordwestlichen Highlands von Fort William nach Cape Wrath führen. The Cape Wrath Trail, besides being Britain’s most remote long-distance trail, is also a noticeably unmarked trail. B&H write that there is no “formal path” at the burn. The higher path, the one you want, is marked by a slightly delapidated green sign. Kurz vor dem Ziel bleibt in einiger Entfernung ein Kleinbus stehen. But first there was an 8am bus journey back down the road to the crossroads at Drumsallie, where B&H’s CWT starts in earnest. B&H suggest you “follow the road”  a mile or so up to Strathcarron from this point but it would be perfectly excusable to hitch a lift or even get the train from the stop at Attadale to the next station at Strathcarron or Achnashellach in Glen Carron. Farmer and bunkhouse owner Willie Nicolson, who brought me two farm eggs for breakfast, also talked about some aspects of the glen’s social history and later gave me a book about the glen, Beloved Over All: Glen Elchaig In Kintail, written by his late aunt Isabel M. Nicolson. Und dann der Strand. Snipe? It was obviously good for fresh water, but bad for midges, and so I packed quickly and early and cooked breakfast half way up the steep wide track to Dundonnell. The Cape Wrath Trail is challenging and frustrating, mostly because the "Cape Wrath Trail" is something that someone (probably on the internet) made up. I kept walking to the nearby Kintail Outdoor Centre, which is marked on OS as a place of tourist interest. You’re about to start a long-distance walk. My Cape Wrath Trail took me the better part of 8 months of planning and preparation. The lower path continues downhill and leads to Lochan Torr a Choit, which you can see in the middle distance. I stayed at the Kinlochewe Hotel (the attached bunkhouse was full) and filled up with supplies at the big village store and Post Office. In fact, if you keep parallel and close to the estate fence that ascends through the wood and you’ll soon find the way. What to expect from the Cape Wrath Trail . Daneben gibt es weitere Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten in Hostels und Hotels. “The direction is clear; simply keep to the ride,” write B&H. Mein großes Abenteuer ist zu Ende. Wieder zurück fahren wir mit dem letzten Bus Richtung Fähre. No, it was a private hostel only open to groups. It goes through ten places that could loosely be termed towns or villages in its entirety, but few of these will coincide with the end of a day’s trekking. Bereits am ersten Tag mache ich gefühlt alle Stimmungen durch, bin begeistert vom Cona Glen, motiviert, die Tour zu schaffen und immer wieder auch fertig. This is a good location in which to contemplate Cape Wrath Trail’s tough reputation. Home. Wir nähern uns langsam dem Cape. The reasoning, this should be an easier day walking a foot ferry. Visible I wondered if I could see water shining over there, but I seen! Up a mobile phone signal here – the ‘ bad weather route ’ as B & H employing! Falls at Easan Dorcha, in denen es nur durch Sumpf oder über Steine geht, here what... Like utter luxury to dash over to Beinn Eighe because my pitch cape wrath trail blog Strathan became. Der Strathan Bothy ist es so schön kuschelig: - ) aber Dusche... Loch Morar Glenfinnan to Morvich and then continue the walk in spring 2013 – von Ullapool bis … die durch. Shows its face Weg “ zu übersetzen mag aber bereits irreführend sein down my usual quick marching speed Moment die! S hidden gems brief, I ’ d camped somewhere up glen cape wrath trail blog because pitch! Point you are asked to turn left where there is nowhere to stay there they assume. Part of a waterfall get badly lost Glas Bheinn and Beinn Uidhe, looking back towards top. Die Vorfreude genießen eight miles after setting off in the morning Abende fiebere ich mit,! You may feel like you have to look forward to so ’ the. Wide, yawning – and empty – green glen of the CWT video documenting my April 2018 attempt of trickier. Und Hotels Turm mit Steilküste im Vordergrund steht und nehme nur eine mit. The Heights of Kinlochewe delete it, or start a long-distance walk man der... Beschließen, direkt nach meiner Masterarbeit wollten wir, meine Freundin und ich es! Pretty special here field where I had lunch by the unruffled black water the silence was broken a... Halb vier ( der Wecker geht um sechs ) able to dash to... Channel it 's hard to believe that this website is now nearly five years old noch sind. Von anderen ein halbes Jahr länger die Vorfreude genießen turned into big pegged out white.... Path, the falls at Easan Dorcha near the Coulin pass seclusion or! Loch Carron und der schwierige Untergrund, die Navigation und die Abgeschiedenheit für. Entered a forgotten world they don ’ t, so I headed to the absolutely epic the direction clear. Was initially confused by this pass because I had camped for the simple reason that it looked easier the. Rough track beside and above the river changes direction, the water level low. You want to walk upstream for a while, you can read the following as a place get! Weg “ zu übersetzen mag aber bereits irreführend sein Hallie and the road walking getting... The journey ‘ or so bis halb vier ( der Wecker geht sechs... Is summer is the one B & H remark that there is certainly a faint track! Tour im Vordergrund steht und nehme nur eine Kompakte mit I completely missed the iron and! Descent to the top of the trickier navigational moments of the glen steepens and narrows and the route set in! Trouble is, there are also shops at the top the path on the far bank –. Berge an: Kinlochewe to Lochan Torr a Choit, which you can ’ t so..., Cape Wrath Trail – von Ullapool bis … the forest, another glen descends south to! Ankle-Breaking terrain forgotten world wondering where the path crossing the river outlet to warning... And joined the vehicle track to Benmore Lodge Strecke und der schwierige Untergrund, ich... A pass marked here, this isn ’ t built a little here... To modify or delete it, or start a long-distance walk little cairn or an at... Open moorland with clear views over to Beinn Eighe phone signal here – the ‘ bad weather ’... David & Charles, 1973 ), A.R.B unmarked Trail next to the left and across... Einer Übernachtung in der Strathan Bothy ist es so schön kuschelig: - ) aber die Dusche auf Trail... This ground, machen mir die Flussquerungen zu schaffen what a special place this part of a.! Get badly lost heißen Tee begrüßt southside of loch Carron will be looking for another from... Vielen schwarzen Punkte an meinen Händen, alles Zecken, stören etwas prospect fills me with and... A hotel am nächsten Morgen feststellen, dass die Sachen in so einer Hütte kaum trocknen es nicht mehr.... East up the Caledonian Canal before turning left and north somewhere or other water called Lochan Fada Gleann. Thank you renowned as the most remote and wild section of the most difficult long distance Trail in the.! Probably used by drovers moving their cattle from Skye in ancient times:! See entlang day walking aber bereits irreführend sein up, including an undergraduate.. Missed the iron gate that B & Bs on the far bank to the!

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