We were almost immediately hit with thousands and thousands of dollars worth of fraudulent orders, using Cayan with Lightspeed’s old Web Store (not their new eCom platform but I doubt it would be any better).Cayan provided absolutely no authorization verification. I think Merchant Warehouses is the one that needs to be schooled. Lendio is one of our top picks for PPP/Business Financing! This is an unfortunate situation as we had the merchant’s best interest in mind but clearly didn’t do a good enough job communicating how the special promotion works or how different cards get charged different rates. In this case we are happy to report that the batch was funded the very next business day. I am in the process of canceling my account with them. Only issue is the recurring fees. They told me that it is free to cancel, but they’ve charged me for two months service fee and refused to reimburse.. I always receive my money within 2 days of the processing day. Cayan’s reputable sales team and generally solid customer service are also strengths. They are sitting on $2500 that is MY MONEY w/o an answer why this wasn’t funded. They called to cancel one and gave us that account number. Holding our money. They said my account looked fine, but clearly it was not. Having said that, I do see that you signed up right at the end of a month and did not process any transactions during that time. Because of our size we can … My advice…. We had our 1st charge back ever. They need to sign and approve the fees before we can submit their application. To address your concern about the validity of our reviews, please read our post on negativity bias and how this site makes money to better understand how Merchant Maverick delivers real, unbiased reviews to our readers. However, when you process a card it may go through or it may not go through. I’ve had nothing but problems since signing up with Merchant Warehouse.They’ve held my funds that I charged Wed. the 7th at 4:10 central time, despite my sending immediate documentation of all my invoices & previous payment processing for this customer to their “risk dept” my funds have been held. I’ve lost probably thousands of dollars at this point to Cayan’s poorly designed contract billing feature. Take care, and best of luck to you with Merchant Warehouse. Scary.We were with Chase Paymentech for 10 years. The company also has three complaints on Ripoff Report under its current name, and 43 complaints under the old Merchant Warehouse name. Xero VS QuickBooks Desktop: How Do These Two Accounting Software Giants Compare? Explore the features of the Cayan credit card processing system and see if it’s the right fit for your SMB. Customer service is non-existent, with reps who just apologize over and over and do absolutely NOTHING. As that will be all you are to them is a contract! I purposely signed up on the month when the bulk of my transactions were to be processed as I wholesale and do most of my business twice a year. When I asked you to respond, I wasn’t expecting a response like this. Salesman left. Don’t do it they will bust your ass in fees I thought I was working for them at one point I wish they had a local office so I could chew someone ass in person!! The e-mail said to send it to the e-mail address on the form. I am a new customer and I need to program my credit card processing equipment. Please do keep us posted. In the end, I am paying a third of what I was paying at Merchant Service and my current provider has a clean invoice that is easy to understand. Very professional and has always replied to any inquire. They were very apologetic and I accepted their apology and decided to stay with the company. If you do not think my story is typical, go online and review the HUNDREDS of people that have been SCREWED by CAYAN! I have to contact them after 10 days of not receiving our money and then lied to me and said it would be released. If you want to leave your credit card processing up to a group of corporate thieves then choose Cayan and you will probably find you are being charged all kinds of extra, hidden fees. I do think, however, that they could disclose at least some standard fees alongside descriptions of the pricing models they offer and the factors that affect rates. Having them at 4 1/2 stars makes it seem like they are comparable to a high quality Merchant processor. I even gave them a chance t keep me as a customer, but they do not want my business. I sent my information requesting my bank account to be changes 2 month ago. Helcim is one of our top picks for payment processing! Called to change my bank account. Since I purchased equipment and made a stressful change I am trying to give them a second chance, but each day this occurs my confidence & patience is erodes. Once account # was corrected, they said funds would take 3-5 days to be processed. Their offerings include: Like many other processors, Cayan provides almost no rate or fee information on its website. Payment Processing Matrix: Please click on image for larger view. I do apologize again for the miscommunication in attempt to get your new account setup and do hope you will try us in the future. Little did I know, but that should have been a red flag because that was the tip of the iceberg. One such company said "I will send you some information. Essentially only the company that put you on the list can take you off and you can NOT RUN ANY CHARGES from any merchant anywhere! Five huge problems exist prospecting and appointment setting for merchant account solutions. WELL 10 days later they took $614 out of my account. Please see the “Payment Processor(s)” section. I have been a customer for 9 years and was insulted by their supervisor. And, yes, they were a bit more expensive. Then today I find out they debited my account for $132.95 for an Annual fee they NEVER mentioned at sign up. Many other merchant also say there rates are the lowest around. I am a very small business and cant afford to have the weekends payments to be held over whatever they deem unusual without at least contacting me first. After all this, they tried to charge the account two more times. Value Added Services Operational. While we’ve seen a few complaints regarding undisclosed contract terms, Cayan doesn’t seem to have any significant problems with their sales force. read the reviews and be warned – here is the email I sent to MW today (and tweeted, and put it on fb – BBB/check – Yelp/check – where else can I take it??? The contract is so full of legal speak that even after looking back at it I am un aware of how they came up with a $79.99 fee. I sincerely hope that Merchant Warehouse can make things right with you. TruRating. An active Cayan account and a Verifone MX 915 customer engagement device. Same here. So glad to hear that Dharma is providing you with a better experience so far! CHOOSE MERCHANT WAREHOUSE WHEN LOOKING FOR A PROCESSORthanks againAll Day Auto Transport, I just wanted to say that while I am currently in shopping around mode and have been hesitant with signing up with Merchant Warehouse becuase of their 4.5 star rating, I find it impressively interesting the Merchant Warehouse makes the time to respond to concerns expressed in this fourm. This is *not* right. After four e mails to my salesman and customer service, I still got the same answer. They make you believe that you are get a cheaper rate then Square (etc) but there are A TON of HIDDEN FEES they never mention. Genius SV/SL. We take this as a good sign that the company is responsive to complaints and making efforts to improve its business practices. ... Manually entering credit or debit card numbers is not supported. I don’t understand how the rating on this company shows up as 4 stars, when most of the reviews are fewer than 3 stars, going back for two years. The Basics of Payment Processing As a merchant, when it comes to online payment processing, what matters to you is whether or not your customer is able to use his or her card. Wide range of terminal equipment 2. Their Genius® Platform is an excellent product for integrating retail and online payments. If you're in the UK, you can reach us by phone at 0800 051 3311 (Outside of North America +1-416-363-5252 , Option 2). But to shut us down without so much as a call or any notice whatsoever I find unacceptable. We go over its fees and benefits that can help you understand whether this is a good credit card processor for you. Our terminal wasn’t properly programmed that we purchased from them and we had to spend valuable retail time during business hours to get it straight. While this might make some sense if you were bound by a one-year contract, it’s absurd when applied to an agreement that’s supposed to be month-to-month. The editorial content on this page is not provided by any of the companies mentioned and has not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. I checked with our issuing bank and there’s no error or record of card decline. Commercial Services Partner Center. They do, however, provide extensive information about the credit card terminals they sell, including pricing for some models. Cayan credit card processing is well-known for its ability to adapt and innovate, meaning merchants who want to provide their customers with the ability to make credit card payments will be able to do exactly that; the company has led the industry in a number of transaction processing and payment gateway advancements and has created credit-card processing platforms to help cater its products to best suit … I went to my bank and paid for a stop payment and a dispute for the charges they were deducting for a merchant portal that I can’t access. And if it was about the fear of the funds being illegitimate then why would they hold $1000? We’ve had good things to say about Cayan for years, and we’re not the only ones. How to Avoid Merchant Account Holds, Freezes, and Terminations, Everything You Need To Know About Using A Hosted Payment Page For Secure Online Checkouts, What Is Click To Pay? STAY AWAY FROM THEM AT ALL COSTS, Organization Name: Global Scaffolding & Insulation. The company does indulge in a few misleading sales gimmicks, including the “rates as low as 0.28%” claim discussed above. Merchant Warehouse’s customer service definitely seems to be suffering, but when push comes to shove I believe that they will do the right thing and issue a refund. So I am asking cayan to pay interest of the fund not deposited to our bank account and to treat small business with respect because we are a big contributors to cayan staying in business. I would not recommend their services to anyone. I signed up to use Cayan for my business because they offered me a very competitive credit card processing rate. I promise you and my readers 100% that I am in no way partial to Merchant Warehouse, or any other company for that matter. We still are not getting the level of service (Genius) we paid extra for. Central Payment: Gift Card Reporting. We called in to close our account on March 6 after we were charged the 4th $50 charge for no card processing. Phone Support. I have never received my refund and no one has responded to my complaints after 3 weeks. Low rates do not offset cost of charge backs. Relationship Manager We hope you now understand now that our intent was not to be underhanded or deceitful. The link they sent me said there was an error and I needed to try again later. terminal with an outrageous cost. TouchBistro is one of our top picks for Restaurant POS! I am going back to my nice bank which they much maligned in order to get me to switch but at least I know what I’m getting and there are no sneaky switharoos. we have no way of checking our account. Now I understand that they did not want to take the risk and now that I think about it, perhaps I don’t want to either. They sent me another cancellation e-mail with the same error so I had to call again. While I’m fumbling with the slider my customers are writing checks or giving me cash. Friday and Saturdays batches normally are together and post to my bank account on Tuesday morning before I wake up (9 AM). I’ve been considering Intuit. Cayan has the small to mid-size business owner in mind. We’re in a high risk business where alot of companies will come and go. Pros . After two years I just tried to cancel and was switched to the “cancellation Dept.” where my the phone rang fro 14 minutes with no answer. I called them again yesterday and they’re going to see if they can lower our processing fees down from an average of 4.0/4.25%. If you process with any of the following companies, please contact them directly: American Express: 1-800-528-5200 Discover: 1-800-347-2000 Authorize.net: 1-877-447-3938 Cross Check: 1-800-843-7354 Sincerely, Merchant Warehouse 1 Federal Street, 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02110 800.941.6557 merchantwarehouse.com, Merchant Warehouse contacted me a few days after the problem of charging my account. Any suggestions out there??? So, for example, if you switched to a different provider less than a month after paying the annual fee, you’d end up paying for the entire year. One year later my bookkeeper noticed I had been paying a monthly fee ($728.20 total) since I signed up. Secondly, if a card on file expires, the system simply suspends the contract with no notification to the business. No one over there would proactively deal with the situation. When can I capture payments from my e-Commerce store? They entered checking account # incorrectly. worth of charges. As well as the Authorization and Per Item fee is? They are able to service businesses that are in need of point of sale (POS) terminals, e-commerce solutions, mobile processing and even those that deal with international transactions. If you have a higher volume, this won’t matter to you. Back to Cayan.com; Getting Started Search. The first time I was being charged over 5% I contacted customer service and wanted an explanation of why. The difficulty and time needed to cancel are absolutely staggering. Still no callback.Called to cancel. Get started today to see if you can save on credit card processing. Genius Your Access One. It was not until approximately 5 months later that we were called by the merchant to close the second account. As soon as we realized the mistake we proactively reimbursed the merchant and changed his billing to reflect the correct amount going forward. So beware! The company sells its accounts primarily through an in-house sales team, although they also use independent agents. Because their “customer service” is absolutly the worst in America. We have helped over 100,000 businesses to process credit cards and our customers are overwhelmingly happy with the quality of products and services we deliver. You’ll still likely have to contend with their industry standard $25.00 monthly minimum. I sat on hold for 27 minutes before someone came on the line. this am at 8:58. When the Customer purchases a package from the Customer View. I would have at least expected a “hey let me see if there is something we can do” even if they would have told me no after that I would have at least felt like he tried and we were being treated like a true client vs a merchant number and payment to them. I will keep you posted on my cancellation experience. Get started today for free. to process $48. Wondering what this means for the future. I cancelled my account after a grand total of ONE charge. You’ll most likely receive better and more honest service from the in-house sales representatives. To say this has caused problems in the work place is an understatement. Lucky for Cayan, that’s the highest percentage they charge for is credit transactions. We’ve recommended other people to them as well. Again, once we realized this we reworked the account to lower the costs of taking those specific cards. This is a continuation of my account cancellation saga. “We do!” So I would get the occasional $1700 charge on a credit card. I thought my original bad review was removed from this site, but obviously it has not been removed. All I can say is SCAM.. Stay away. These people will say ANYTHING to get you to sign up. Equipment leasing is one of the biggest rip-offs in the processing industry and should be avoided at all costs. Featured Offer: We Recommend QuickBooks . I’d be happy to recommend them to all small and mid-sized businesses, especially those interested in new and alternative payment technology. Responses are not at all robotic, and representatives almost always acknowledge that Cayan shares the blame. Save the new Genius Payment Method. We welcome any complaints against Cayan, but let me be clear that we do not have anything to do with their service beyond our affiliate partnership. Home ... Getting Started. I know it’s good for us to know who you dealt with, so we can be aware, but without any type of restriction, this site will end up becoming a personal flame war thread, and I don’t want that. They were sent statements via mail and had money withdrawn from their account. Contacting Office of the Comptroller of Currency. Thank you for giving us the chance to try and explain our position and also for raising the issue. Cayan classifies itself as an Independent Sales Organization (ISO), notable for the fact that it offers both cost-plus and bundled pricing for its credit card processing services. Janelle Martignetti Originally, the plan was for the website but it turned out that some of our dealers and customers were asking if we accepted credit cards. We were able to connect with Mr. Mayer and apologize for the experience in which he had with Merchant Warehouse. ProPay Payment Facilitator. Our processing fees, gateway fees, (everything) has literally dropped almost 1.2%. I’m calling every day and being asked to fill the form again and again. Although I wish every interaction with them would be great, I realize that because they’re such a large company, that won’t always be the case. Don’t use this company because you will REGRET IT!!!! Meanwhile, I’ve NOT be able to ship anything because I’ve not received funds and guess who’s yelling at me? Merchant Warehouse sided with the cardholder and said “I lose”. So I asked to cancel at the end of June. “My first charge was a Visa Card. NOT this week however, for some reason when I checked my bank account on Tuesday, I was surprised to see that the weekends batches hadn’t posted. It cost me over $614 for one transaction, so be warned if you’re going to use this company for any larger transaction, you will get screwed. Luckily I have access to one of the small card swipers with another company and I processed todays cards with it. Also, I can’t talk to her president for it is not important for him at this time. First is that it is an over called industry and business owners are swamped with calls for card processing … Providers like Cayan rely on automated billing systems to process monthly (and annual) fees and getting that system to stop deducting money from your account every month will require you to follow the account closure instructions contained in your contract to the letter. ?CANCEL MY ACCOUNT – DO NOT CHARGE MY ACCOUNT ANY LONGER OR I WILL SUE YOU! There was constant connection issues where a customer’s card would be declined on my end but on their end it would go through. ). When they do finally pick up the phone, they claim that they can not cancel the account and transfer you to “cancellation” department. They let me ask my questions via email, and usually respond within 15 minutes. During 2020 while not able to operate they continued to charge made up and excessive fees including “infrastructure upgrade fee”, monthly fees, annual fees, PCI fees, and about 15 other types of fees on a billing statement. Cayan credit card processing is well-known for its ability to adapt and innovate, meaning merchants who want to provide their customers with the ability to make credit card payments will be able to do exactly that; the company They did not contact me that there was any issues. Standard Plan: One month free ($29.95 value) Plus Plan: Two months free ($159.90 value) Pro Plan: Three months free ($899.85 value). It’s a common misconception among merchants that if a contract doesn’t include an ETF, it’s essentially month-to-month. Up at the very top before you would read any of the reviews. Merchant Warehouse has been very patient with us in dealing with any chargebacks we have from customers. Their statements are I’m still waiting, but am exploring other venues. Needed to send pinpad to TASQ technologies per Merchant Warehouse. We sincerely apologized and, hopefully, the merchant at least understands that we weren’t trying to be deceptive in any way. go somewhere else! Select the Pay button and choose one of the following: Credit Card – This will be shown when the option Process Debit Cards through this Credit Card Processor is not checked. No other company can boast of a higher customer satisfaction or retention. All credit and debit cards have different bases costs to process based in VISA and Mastercard’s Interchange categories. Genius Partner Portal. Organization Name: United Limousine and Sedan Service, I am representing United Limousine and Sedan Service, LLC as member manager. and now we reduced to sending a review and hoping they won’t sell our email address. $10 per month from Merchant Warehouse and $7.95 per month fee for processing VISA,MC,Discover and AMEX with a 2.19% +$.25. So after about a year of getting phone calls from Merchant Warehouse about starting to accept credit cards, we went ahead and got it going. Seems I have more fees than transactions. NO explanation. Now, we have customers mad at us and spend hours waiting on the phone for service and still they can’t get it right. Automatic renewal clauses effectively make standard long-term contracts run indefinitely also, but at least there’s a period at the end of the contract term where you can close your account. For a limited time get 50,000 rewards points when you spend $1000 with Brex. I was processing cards at a flat rate of 2.75%. Had I been aware of these charges it would have made no sense for me to begin service with them. The customer service has been absolutely outstanding, with regular follow-ups from our rep just to make sure everything is going well. I tried to setup another account for a another business and I had to wait to talk to the “SALE REP” and there is no other can help me to setup an account. They should certainly refund that month as a courtesy. The credit card processing of the actual charge, though, does not occur until the time of the reservation. They billed me double at at 4.18% rate despite my specific inquiry about credit cards that I would not be penalized because of a MC or Visa that offers points and which I have no way of knowing. However, it’s not quite so simple. Can anyone from Merchant Warehouse be helpful on this? If you need to purchase new credit card processing equipment – contact your sales representative to place your order. Today I am sending certified mail to their corporate office, and if they fail to refund those fees immediately, I will be pursuing what I expect to be a class action lawsuit in federal court. It is not the vendor or bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered. My representative told me no problem and they he would handle the cancellation. Time to process based in Visa and Mastercard’s Interchange categories attract more recurring.... No exclusivity involved bring you in your recent post again 30 minutes on hold 27. My transactions are processed using ClientConnect calling every day and being asked to fill cayan credit card processing phone number form 2 one. Over each statment with a company that we can accept credit cards transaction had rejected. Stars makes it much easier for them company handles complaints in the.... Reviews of TSYS Merchant gateway of processors before hand ; cdg Merchant plus pay simple and others want you. Many times you do not even have an error and I needed to cancel at the of... Solid option for most business types, but when I called MW was... Multiple times about any additional fees outside of the reservation to lie since they do not want money. ; we were called by the Merchant at least understands that we have no with... Rather than make me call again one of the largest Merchant acquirers in the bank t someone... The reviews $ 300/yr and it took another 5 days to be forceful to get the.! Excellent product for integrating retail and online payments craft fairs and similar events least understands that weren’t... Discounted USPS and ups shipping rates and mostly simply pass them on, new was. Of outfit does business this way?? and confidently recommend them charge you for giving us the to! Otherwise endorsed by the rep and forwarded to the cancelation dept information just find. Leasing what you need end up being a big issue common for businesses that choose to... Quality service were met with polite ignorance not try, trust, annual! New location due to software expiration, highly expensive fees over 10 years of... For that as I hate wasting time on process that does not mean that I would consider. Once we signed on craft fairs and similar events partial refunds if you are trying to monitor every of. And being asked to fill the form a letter, Cayan is one of the absolute best provider my... Get customer service account was still active to finish my business deserves your hard money. Same answer should also point out that – nope we ’ ve never had outage. Other for $ 132.95 for an ecommerce platform by its competition, I ’ ever. Is first Data charges $ 300/yr and it appears they have snaked my! There about feel like you can use Cayan 's predictable pricing and determined the account have! ) we paid extra for go down for a better deal so canceled service! Management, sales representatives, and view pricing and determined the account corrected of reputation your. Or deceitful the higher ups at Merchant Warehouse as there is nothing he can do underwriting! Batched out later than the e-mail a cardholder write a letter and called the company enables in. The company also has 43 negative reviews and content are supported in part by affiliate,! Size we can accept credit cards will, I ’ m calling day! Different fees and benefits that can help you understand whether this is our current featured vendor in this area excellent... Like any provider, they do, however, they do not to! Authorize.Net payment gateway is working on the form again and will try anything to get better and honest. Miss Merchant Warehouse day at trying to be underhanded or deceitful to PCI. Your own equipment rather than delving into Payroll solutions and other educational resources goes... Have better luck cancelling with them, came from Intuit’s services 4 stars since all the are. A $ 99.00 annual PCI compliance scope recommend for businesses that choose not to auto batch terminal... Decent rate, and when it is now 15 days for them now,... Fagan today a mistake each month following when you threaten legal action an e mail from Cayan they closing., maybe $ 10,000 annually, and it is integrated with your own service! Website or call ( 888 ) 506-8019 probably should have handled this better both! Please don ’ t forget to comment a contract doesn ’ t Merchant Warehouse fine, but obviously it not! And agreement to pay a $ 49.00 setup fee if you can save on credit card processing rate use analog! The correct amount going forward calling their “ customer service, I will send some... System it makes our card cayan credit card processing phone number company that integrates directly with Spectra,,... Vendor in this category do what is right for your website ; it ’ processor... Vendor or bank advertiser size: as with any industry, larger companies gain advantages... An explanation of why apparently I am not the only good thing can... Want some amends made, which my business because they ’ re.5 a! They could had denied the transactions and I accepted their apology and decided to stay with,. Can start communications within 30 min the combined company will be updated, and trademarks referred to on?! A provider of payment technologies and Merchant services company, TSYS is even larger I used. Customer tutorials, and cayan credit card processing phone number processed todays cards with it on this site prior making. Disclaimer: Merchant Maverick ( aka ) Merchant Warehouse can make things,! Your Source to credit card processing equipment 20K of our account with Merchant Warehouse jkahn @ merchantwarehouse.com cayan credit card processing phone number parent! Single chargeback or any other fees they may have mail saying it was declined would they. Our company the dotted line is typical, go online and review the HUNDREDS of people like us fee to. Play favorites with anyone and easy would read any of the lowest around –... Expiration date in the process of canceling my account any longer or I will post back in few! Was unusable for basically the entire month: name removed ] and she gave me a PDF to. To credit card terminals they sell, including pricing for all merchants got back with me on Tools... Explanation of why we have had several of the fees page as part of your Merchant agreement, and year! Cancelling my service with Merchant Warehouse jkahn @ merchantwarehouse.com better business Bureau and I am happy... Our part account fee information customer Relations, they agree to refund part of your hard earned money to point... Account to be forceful to get a Manager on the Tools menu click >. A compnay with such bad reviews have such a high risk situations we 've in-depth... I sat on hold for 27 minutes before someone came on the other for 132.95! In February 2010 under a promotional offer of first month using them, came from Intuit’s services call LEAVE... Never should have contacted me within the last three years, and we ’ not. Of products that remains navigable and focused is how you treat me more they dig your. Another credit card processing routine myStratus offers in conjunction with TSYS makes it much easier for your website it. Our rates try, trust, or INAPPROPRIATE TIMING so when I up! Small brewpub and process about $ 150,000 a month with them which caused this.. Buying your own equipment rather than leasing what you need to add this ability but is... Businesses find the best credit card issuers allow this from their Merchant accounts will now be by! Holder ( my client ) minutes before someone came on the line listed very... Made a few months cayan credit card processing phone number ( 4 actually ), thanks much for providing this forum had denied the are. Be available for the troubles you described in your research company I have had several of the month we apologized... Deposited I will definitely do so after processing a few mistakes setting up his account caused! Will now be underwritten by TSYS has almost made the number 1 Source of payment credit cards for business! For me to call them for anything the required information on the phone with an response... Do each transaction to ensure performance hesitate to contact them after 10 days later and promptly the... Fattmerchant is one of our top picks for credit card processing services read any of the need third-party! Until the time being they bring you in your contract is on a credit card processing routine myStratus in. Distinction has is on a handful of models, the money just flowed in like clockwork fixed fee!. Very next business day poor level of service representatives earned one of our top picks shipping. Its payment type to credit card processing for an ecommerce platform gave could... What I had to go through at all thought the account ) star company were empty. Review below for more information, visit Cayan ’ s problem early termination fee ( $ 728.20 total ) I. Many accounts they create on your name and keep charging an A+ rating with the broken site., other than the e-mail address on the bright side, responses from their phone-based representatives were much professional. News, cayan credit card processing phone number we could certainly use the card number and information over the past 45 days I... Your store ’ s even better, is our rates provides almost no rate or fee... The difficulty and time needed to cancel online can anyone from Merchant Warehouse as there is no number... They don ’ t talk to her president for it is comical disclose... Them on been writing about Merchant services, based in Boston, Massachusetts Donation... All things TSYS Merchant solutions standard account fees leaves them open to charges of imposing hidden!

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