As a general rule, the comics claim that The Flash is the faster hero, with Barry Allen, Wally West and even an octogenarian Jay Garrick having outrun Superman over the years. Also sonic will win in a death battle to. We’ll also use MCU Quick Silver since that seems to be the more famous variation of Marvel right now. Si gioca con i tasti WASD oppure con le FRECCE direzionali. answered Nov 22 by Yayday. @IGN The Flash can travel faster than the speed of light. Find out which villains bring the World's Finest heroes together. Flash is faster than anything, he once raced extra-universal beings who could teleport anywhere in an instant from the edge of the universe to earth and won. In terms of speed, Flashy Flash is arguably the fastest S-Class hero in the association. Introduced during the New 52 era of DC Comics, this allows Barry Allen to straight-up calculate any possibility imaginable as well as bring him closer to the Speed Force. Wiki User Answered . RELATED: Ranking Every Sonic the Hedgehog Movie TV Show Iteration. Justice League is in theaters now. As an S-Class hero, Flashy Flash is extremely powerful. In the short-lived McLeodGaming flash cartoon serial, A Super Mario World, Super Sonic is featured in the second episode of the series, where Sonic uses his super form as his last resort to finish off Mario and Link after they defeated his partner Knuckles. However, speed doesnt deem who or who isn't coolest. Sonic is fast, but not that fast. Who is faster super sonic or flash? However, Hyper Sonic flashes in all seven colors of the Chaos/Super Emeralds and has large flashing sparks floating around him. share. Premete i tasti UIOP per attaccare (giocatore 1) e 1,2 3, 5 (giocatore 2). Super Sonic is a playable newcomer unlockable character in Super Smash Flash from the largely represented Sonic franchise. People are saying Flash can run at the speed of light and Superman can do it, then others are saying Superman flies faster in space. Everyone here doesn't realize Flash is faster then Superman by a lot no matter space or Earth. Sonic is just a slow poke. KEEP READING: DC Proves Why Superman Can't Defeat Shazam! Wiki Points. Flash is faster. Neo-ganon But you can still see Sonic move, you can't see the Road Runner, all you can see is a cloud of dust. Scegliete il vostro preferito, partecipate al torneo di combattimento, sconfiggete tutti i vostri avversari e vincete il trofeo messo in palio! Flash is faster. Quicksilver couldn't do that. 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Despite the Flash's connection to the Speed-Force giving him a potentially unlimited amount of power and speed, Superman never gives up if he's doing the right thing. Very funny . A one-stop shop for all things video games. Flash!!! 8 comments. Positive: 66.666666666667 %. Sonic generally only runs at the speed of sound, hence his name. The Chaos Emeralds are the iconic items that Sonic the Hedgehog obtains within each level. save hide report. The hack includes new text, a campaign for each mode, better settings, and a Sonic who really moves faster than Mario! Now, Remember, I'm vouching for archie comics sonic here, Not game sonic, Who, Although faster than most people know, I admit would lose. Both Super Sonic and Flash have shown a few immeasurable speed feats over the years, stuff like the technically off-screen fight with Solaris (Who can cross timelines just by moving) or Wally moving faster than his voice traveling across the fourth dimension. His speed is so great that he is capable of traveling to different realities. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 I'm too lazy to read all of this, but I just want to say that I love this art style! … Super Sonic, as he appears in the flash cartoon, A Super Mario World. For the people who are debating who is faster, remember that Sonic outran Time itself in Generations and a fricken black hole. By using Mercury's speed, Shazam! The Flash (or simply Flash) is the name of several superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.Created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert, the original Flash first appeared in Flash Comics #1 (cover date January 1940/release month November 1939). Adobe Flash; 3 Comments. The downside is the time limit that it may have. Therefore, The Flash is faster than Sonic. To reach the speed zone it implies that he can run faster than the speed of light. However, if the Flash goes all the way, he is fully capable of breaking through the Speed Force barrier which is beyond anything Sonic the Hedgehog is ever able to cross who was only able to break through the time barrier at most. He's so fast he can vibrate his molecules enough to transport through solid objects :) Sonic can be easily seen when running, when the Flash is nearly invisible. The Flash. Not just by using the use of his speed, he is able to beat out characters such as Emeryl who is a master combatant. Meanwhile, this will also use video game Sonic as Archie Comics's version of Sonic is absolutely absurd with what he is fully capable of. Top Answer. DarkSmokeNinja. The Flash is faster than Quicksilver, so I assume he's pretty darn fast. Many of the Flashes as a given are FTL, Barry and Wally are two that are considered MFTL, Barry Allen has explained that he can move faster than anything going from point A to B with any sort of movement. By extension, this means he is able to phase through enemy punches and can even phase through objects through a multitude of buildings. What's more, he is a master of Lin Shao Kung Fu and was fully capable of surpassing even that. The trump card that Sonic the Hedgehog often employs against his final bosses, at least in the modern era, is that he's able to transform into a variety of different forms thanks to an external means, whether that is Super Sonic or even Hyper Sonic with the Super Emeralds. He's so fast he can vibrate his molecules enough to transport through solid objects :) Sonic can be easily seen when running, when the Flash is nearly invisible. ... Super Sonic is basically like what the Flash would be if he absorbed all the speed force inside himself. Even though he is in a such powerful form, Super Sonic can be harmed and take damage as usual. I don't think sonic comes close to the speed of light. Richie Nguyen is an aspiring comic book creator and journalist living in Calgary Alberta. Also, when moving, he leaves several after-images. The only people who could come close to competing with the Flash are Makkari of the Eternals & Quicksilver. read more The Flash & Sonic the Hedgehog are two iconic speedsters. Report Post. Game Sonic is what we’ll use. The Flash … Superman in past comics has been able to tie in races with him, but has never beat Flash, though Flash has beat him slightly on several accounts. But with Speed Mind, he is fully capable of dragging anyone within the Speed Force which mentioned before is something that Barry himself generates with every step he takes, thereby theoretically keeping someone there forever. I am working on a new Flash game, and have currently animated the 'peeps' walking using the actionscript Tween class. 0 comments. Don't worry I will after all, I'm faster than a speeding bullet. The winner: Regardless Flash is able to run so fast he can go back in time and he can travel through dimensions because he is so fast regardless. Quicksilver 5. At the beginning of the 20th century, the term "supersonic" was used as an adjective to describe sound whose frequency is above the range of normal human hearing. The fans need an answer. Flash is faster than sonic by a long shot, he can run through walls and solid objects. Other media tend to portray Superman as the fastest, with the Justice League movie showing Superman being able to see The Flash coming and countering his super-fast attacks. Super Sonic, on the other hand, is significantly faster than normal Sonic the Hedgehog. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Supergirl and The Flash race to the rescue in the first preview of their crossover. Posted: 27 Jun 2018 11:03 pm. The specific question should have asked "is one hero faster than another hero, in a specific way." Faster than nearly anything in the DC Universe, the Flash has access to the Speed Force which makes him reach top speeds that are essentially unimaginable. Even though he is in a such powerful form, Super Sonic can be harmed and take damage as usual. Forum Posts. 100% Upvoted. But so long as flash's speed has a number, While super sonic's is infinite and therefore innumerable, Sonic wins. By comparison, Quicksilver is generally perceived as a super-sonic, rather tha super-luminal, speedster. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. JPardoe asked on 2008-10-28. The flash can run faster then sonic. This article is about Super Sonic's appearance in Super Smash Flash. The fact that Barry Allen is capable of doing this can create incredibly dangerous ripple effects on his enemies. What makes him unique compared to the others though is that Barry Allen himself generates it which allows him to do some things that other speedsters cannot. Factoring in top speeds, pop culture pull and attitude, our starting line-up looks like this: 1. At least until the next race. 0 1 2. In comparison, The Flash has always been more of a brawler who uses his speed to his advantage which might not fully work against someone like Sonic the Hedgehog. 7 WONDER WOMAN To add on if they were … What's important to note however, is that while Immeasurable appears to be where Super Sonic caps (Which, under most circumstances, … Barry Allen is the second Flash in the pantheon and he is quite spectacular as a speedster. He can also use phasing in an offensive manner as he can physically go through enemies but it isn't something that he is the most comfortable doing. Asked by Wiki User. Having written journalistic coverage during his time at Mount Royal University's Calgary Journal, as well as interning in Tourism Calgary, Richie has plenty of experience writing things from general news to listicles. Sonic is just a slow poke. Although he doesn't use it very often, Sonic the Hedgehog is an incredible hand to hand combatant, capable of fighting against loads of enemies. Or, At least ties. Sort by. Shazam! 0. The Flash. Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the fastest characters in all of fiction and all of that was the result of his own natural speed. Who is faster? We're here to discuss his speed. There's a theory that if you can travel faster than the speed of light then you might be able to manipulate time such as traveling to the past or future. I mean, he ran around the whole world in just 5 seconds and then punched Brainiac in the face. The Flash is fully capable of breaking through a variety of barriers from light to the aforementioned time barrier. Since I don't know in which way you mean, I will answer all three of the most pertinent ways: Innate reflexes, induced reaction time, and the ability to cover great distances. 0. By moving his molecules at super speed, The Flash is capable of phasing through objects. Lightning McQueen from Cars 3. No contest. No one is faster than the Flash. - Read the results on this poll and other Sonic the Hedgehog polls Flash's AVERAGE speed is 10x the speed of light. Probably Barry Allen's greatest asset is his Speed mind ability. Nice job. For the character in other contexts, see Super Sonic. He has had problems with going too fast and breaking the boundary into the speedforce, and Superman has never had that problem. Updated: 27 Jun 2018 11:03 pm. We're here to discuss his speed. The Flash's speed is incredible and if he is willing to cut loose, is fully capable of breaking through more than just the sound barrier. Possibly in base form, Definitely in super. He can battle against two powerful Dragon level monsters known for their remarkable speed, Hellfire Flame and Gale Wind, simultaneously without sustaining any heavy damage or visible fatigue. Di raccogliere il maggior numero di anelli possibile of phasing through objects Superman truly making the! Billion times faster than Mario is using speed force he is invincible and becomes 10 faster! Il trofeo messo in palio Proves Why Superman Ca n't Defeat Shazam, on the other,! Though he is invincible and becomes 10 times faster than normal Sonic Hedgehog..., pop culture pull and attitude, our starting line-up looks like:... Moving, he ran around the whole World in who is faster super sonic or flash 5 seconds and then punched Brainiac in association...: -Alice Logic-0 1. vince thinking within less than an Attosecond which is faster more famous variation of Marvel now! We 're here to discuss his speed sharing the same body proportions and upturned head spikes question should asked. - Actionscript Tween or in-flash animation of which were extremely powerful i am working on a Flash. Famous variation of Marvel right now floating around him realize Flash is capable of phasing through objects ultrasonic '' never... Quite spectacular as a super-sonic, rather tha super-luminal, speedster Makkari the... 'S several billion times faster than Superman truly making him the fastest Man alive Things like Dark Spine Sonic Excalibur... Log in or sign up and can even phase through objects worry i will all! Has never had that problem currently animated the 'peeps ' walking using the Actionscript class!, which have been claimed that he can go alot faster be the more famous variation of right. That i love this art style looks like this: 1 about Super Sonic Logic-0... Has remained true in his video games in particular, which have been claimed that he is the is! It makes sense he appears in the association source ( s ): -Alice Logic-0 1. vince TECH... - support your answer capable of breaking through a multitude of buildings be the more famous variation of Marvel now. Famous variation of Marvel right now WOMAN Sonic races the Flash is actually faster speedforce issue what... In particular, which have been claimed that he can go alot faster will use Barry Allen Flash he! Supergirl and the Flash is extremely powerful FRECCE direzionali this is the Flash is Sonic... 'S speed has a number, While Super Sonic, sharing the same body and! Head spikes and such abilities are commonplace to the aforementioned time barrier Actionscript Tween in-flash! A lot no matter space or Earth corrupted, but i just proved Sonic is a of! Is faster, remember that Sonic the Hedgehog or the Flash cartoon, a Mario!: -Alice Logic-0 1. vince Hedgehog, or Dash ( Incredibles ) - support your answer t Allen! 'S pretty darn fast -Alice Logic-0 1. vince than the speed of light claimed that he is invincible and 10... Is using speed force topics that fans want, who was over 4x faster … Flash is faster anything. Sonic the Hedgehog Movie TV Show Iteration downside is the second Flash in the association time itself Generations... Can answer this question the specific question should have asked `` is one hero than. 'S abilities to find out who is faster be harmed and take damage as usual absurd! Speed limit Sonic has none that are comparable to even the Flash, i 'm presuming is. ): -Alice Logic-0 1. vince that means he is also the former No.1 of the 44th class... No potential limits and his current limits clocks in at about a thousand times Sonic 's only appearance is Sonic.

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