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Mobile: +84 91 7299921
Skype: +48 22 3896921 
Kontakt telefoniczny tylko w godzinach: 03.00 – 12.00 czasu polskiego

Procedura promesowo-wizowa

KROK 1: Wyślij wypełniony formularz
Wyślij email na wietnamwiza@gmail.com
KROK 2: Potwierdź nasz email zwrotny i dokonaj opłaty
Otrzymasz od nas email zwrotny;
z informacja o zgłoszeniu oraz stosowną informację dotyczącą płatności – sprawdź poprawność danych i dokonaj wpłaty na podane konto.
KROK 3: Sprawdź dane i czytelnie wydrukuj promesę wizową
Otrzymasz od nas promesę wizową. Sprawdź poprawność danych na dokumencie i wydrukuj czytelnie otrzymaną promesę. Dla bezpieczeństwa zrób kopię zapasową.
KROK 4: Okaż promesę na lotnisku
Okaż promesę na boardingu lotniczym oraz na każde żądanie pracowników lotniska oraz linii lotniczych (również w portach przesiadkowych)
KROK 5: Odbierz swoją wizę “on arrival”
Po przylocie do Wietnamu udaj sie do okienka VISA ON ARRIVAL/LANDING VISA. Załącz promese, kolorowe zdjęcie 3x4cm oraz opłać stosowne „stamp fee” 
i odbierz swoją wizę.

Privacy Statement

It is the policy of wietnamwiza.com to protect and preserve the privacy of its users and customers, and the confidentiality of the information they provide, subject to conditions described below. To demonstrate our commitment to privacy we encourage all of our current and prospective users to read this Privacy Statement carefully before using the system.

This privacy statement discloses what information we gather, how we use it, and how to correct or change it. It is our intention to give you as much control as possible over your privacy in regard to your Information. Be assured that we will not disclose personal Information to third parties without your consent. By using our site, you agree to the terms of the Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Statement. Wietnamwiza.com reserves the right to expand and/or modify this Statement at any time.

1. Security. wietnamwiza.com is committed to providing the highest level of security and privacy. All transactions of user authentication including credit cards processing are conducted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, supported by your browser, which encrypts all information that is sent to us. We take every precaution to protect personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction by implementing policies and procedures to ensure that personal information is kept only for the purposes for which it has been gathered.

2. Information. We take measures to ensure that the information you provide is recorded accurately and completely.

a. Information Collected from/about Customers is used exclusively for the purpose of issuing the approval letter for picking up your visa upon arrival.

b. Financial Transactions. All financial transactions are made by third party and Polish bank account for Your convinient

c. Cookies. wietnamwiza.com does NOT set any cookies on your browser.

d. System information. wietnamwiza.com reserves the right to collect and store such information as IP address, browser type or operating system type. All the information is highly confidential and will be used exclusively for system administration purposes. This information helps diagnose problems, monitor traffic and site usage.

e. E-mail. wietnamwiza.com uses e-mail to notify our members or clients about changes in the status of their applications, we will NOT send you any spam or junk mails. Our e-mail list is confidential and is never sold or given to third parties.

4. Summary. By accessing this site and using its services, you unconditionally agree with the terms of this Privacy Statement and our Terms & Conditions. You agree to comply with the terms that govern the use of this site and its services and that also govern all information provided by you and other users of wietnamwiza.com. If you do not agree to all or any of the terms of this Privacy Statement, please do not use this site.

5. Page Status. All complains and problems of www.wietnamwiza.com services and issues are solved by Polviet Travel CTY TNHH, Ho Chi Minh City. Any issues to persons or our staff and partners are not going to be legal and will not be accepted by us. All matters must be solved by Vietnam Law and Vietnam Court.

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